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How does beef and broccoli sound for tonight or tomorrow night? Or how about general tsaos chicken?  Moreover, how do you feel about Pei Wei?  If you love to get your beef and brocolli at Pei Wei, then you’ll love this deal.  However, it’s only through May 21st, so don’t forget to take advantage of it.  Order your favorite Pei Wei entree, and get 33% off with promo code 33NOW.

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Pei Wei Family Bundles

If  you just got off of work and do not know what to feed the family for dinner, get a family bundle from Pei Wei.  The family bundle is only $29.99 and serves four (4) people.  The family bundle comes with an appetizer, two (2) entrees, a side and an optional dessert.

When it comes to the appetizer, you can choose between chicken dumplings and crab wontons.  There are four (4) chicken dumplings in an order, and four (4) crab wontons in an order.  When it comes to the entree, you get to choose between two (2) of them.  Some of the options are Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, General Tso’s Steak, Sweet and Sour, Honey Seared.

As your side, you will get to choose between vegetable lo mein and vegetable fried rice.  Finally, you order dessert as an option.  The optional dessert will consist of Thai donuts.

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