Auntie Anne’s FAQs

Are Auntie Anne’s pretzels vegan?

Many, but not all of Auntie Anne’s pretzels can be vegan when ordered without butter.

What time does Auntie Anne’s close?

Many Auntie Anne stores open between 10 and 11 AM, and close between the hours of 7 and 10 PM.  However, to make sure the hours of the specific Auntie Anne’s you wish to visit, please use this restaurant locator.

How many carbs in Auntie Anne’s pretzel nuggets?

The original nuggets contain 390 calories along with 75 grams of carbohydrates.

Are Auntie Anne’s pretzels fried?

Pretzels are baked and brushed with real butter, but not fried.

How many calories in Auntie Anne’s pretzel?

An original pretzel contains 340 calories, 5 grams of total fat, 65 grams of carbs and 8 grams of protein.

Where can I buy Auntie Anne’s gift cards?

You can buy Auntie Anne’s gift cards on their website, and through third-party retailers.

Where is the nearest Auntie Anne’s?

Please use this restaurant locator in order to find the nearest Auntie Anne’s restaurant.