Bertucci’s – Daily Meal Deals

Imagine this.  It’s 5 PM, after work.  You’re tired, but you don’t want to cook.  Your family is wondering what’s for dinner, but you don’t know.  Well, you can always pick up one of Bertucci’s daily meal deals.  They have a different one for each day of the week. These meal deals come in two (2) sizes. You can get them in a smaller portion, which feeds two (2) for just $20, or you can get them in a larger portion, which feeds four (4) for just $36. The meal deals are available for dine-in, pickup, curbside or delivery. Here are the meal deals:

Monday – Spaghetti and Meatballs
Tuesday – Rigatoni Abruzzi
Wednesday – Rigatoni, Broccolli and Chicken
Thursday – Chicken Parmesan
Friday – Shrimp Rassini
Saturday – Chicken Piccata
Sunday – Four Cheese Ravioli

All of these daily meal deals are served with freshly-baked rolls and a salad.  Again, the smaller portion feeds two (2) for just $20 (just $10 a person), and the larger portion, feeds four (4) for just $36 (just $9 a person).  These daily meal deals from Bertucci’s are the answer to all your daily dinner needs.

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