BJ’s Brewhouse – BJ’s Premier Rewards Plus

BJ’s Brewhouse is a restaurant chain of many names, you may know them as BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, BJ’s Grill, or BJ’s Pizza & Grill. What you’ll definitely know them for is their delicious pizza and handcrafted brews, many of which are brewed in restaurant at a small internal microbrewery.

If you’re a fan of quality pizza and handcrafted beer, you’ll probably be a fan of the BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus loyalty program, which gives members access to exclusive deals and offers, and allows them to earn points on every eligible dollar spent with the restaurant which can be exchanged for free food. Like where this is going? Keep reading to find out more!

How does the BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus program work?

The BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus program rewards its members with points earned on every dollar spent on food and drinks, excluding alcohol, at BJ’s Brewhouse locations. Points will automatically be converted into rewards when you reach a certain threshold, which can be redeemed for $10 off of your next purchase from the restaurant.

What are the benefits of joining the BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus?

When you sign up to become a member of the BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus loyalty program, you won’t just begin earning points towards rewards, which will earn you money off your next purchase from the restaurant, you’ll also get access to exclusive deals and offers, sent directly to your inbox or account. You’ll also receive an offer for a special treat on your birthday!

How do BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus points work?

The points system at BJ’s Brewhouse is simple, once you sign up you will earn 1 point for every dollar spent using your loyalty account. This excludes taxes, gratuities, and the purchase of alcohol. Once you’ve accumulated 100 points, they will automatically be converted into a $10 reward sent to your account for use on your next purchase, or whenever you choose to redeem them. 


If you should happen to spend more than $100 in a single transaction, you will automatically receive a reward, plus the remainder of your balance in points, or if you spend enough for two rewards, you will automatically get two rewards sent to your account for the purchase.

Does The BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus offer a sign-up bonus?

Calling all dessert lovers! BJ’s Brewhouse makes signing up for the Premier Rewards Plus loyalty program a sweet deal. Just for joining, you’ll get a reward for a free Pizookie. Not sure what a Pizookie is? It’s a BJ’s Brewhouse original creation.

Imagine your favorite warm, gooey, fresh-baked cookie, baked in a deep-dish pizza pan. It’s thick and chewy on the edges, soft in the middle, and deliciously crispy on the bottom, so you get the best of all options. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s topped with cold creamy ice cream to really take it to the next level.

We couldn’t find any restrictions on this reward, so you should have your choice of their variety of flavors, which includes the classic chocolate chunk and vanilla ice cream, strawberry shortcake, hot fudge brownie, cookies and cream, monkey bread, triple chocolate Ghirardelli, salted caramel, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter, sugar cookie, and a gluten-free option. Some locations also offer a half-and-half pizookie if you don’t want to choose between your favorites.

Are there any other benefits to joining BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus?

We hope you’ve got a sweet tooth. In addition to the Pizookie, you get just for signing up, you’ll get another to help you celebrate your birthday each year. No matter which kind you choose, you can’t go wrong with a free Pizookie!

If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can also up to 99 points to another member of the rewards program. Rewards are not transferable, which is why you’re capped at 99 points. If you want to take advantage of this, log into your account on the website and select ‘Gift Your Points’. You’ll need to know the last name and phone number or member ID of the other person’s reward account to make the transfer.

How do you join BJ’s Premier Rewards Plus?

Signing up is easy, simply head to the Rewards website and fill out the sign-up form. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, phone number, zip code, email address, birthday, and a password to create an account. You’ll also be asked to select your preferred location, so they can keep you notified of local deals and offers.

It doesn’t mention it in the program information, but there is also a BJ’s Brewhouse app, available on iOS and Android. You may be able to sign up for an account using this as well.

How do you check your points balance?

Curious how close you are to your next reward or how many points you have to transfer to a friend? Just sign in to your account to check your balance. If you’re visiting the restaurant, you can also provide your account information to your server to find out. 

There’s no mention of if you can check your points balance through the BJ’s Brewhouse app, but this is pretty common, so it’s worth a look!

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

You can add points to your account within 30 days of making a purchase, provided you keep your receipt! Log into your account on the website and head to the ‘Add My Points’ section. You’ll find a place to input your receipt number and other relevant transaction information. You should see the points added to your account within 24 hours.

How do you redeem points?

oints will automatically be converted into a $10 reward when you reach a balance of 100 points. Should you earn 200 points in a single transaction, you will automatically receive two rewards, and so on. 

These rewards can be used on any qualifying purchase made from the restaurant, which generally includes all purchases excluding gift cards, and may exclude alcohol depending on the laws in your area.

Do points expire?

Points earned through the Premier Rewards Plus program will expire after a period of 365 days without a qualifying purchase made. Points earned through special promotional offers may have a different expiration period at the discretion of the restaurant.

Rewards will expire 90 days after they were issued, so be sure to keep track of your rewards and use them before they’re gone!

Getting the most out of BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus

Making the most of your BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus Membership is simple! Here are our top tips to help you do just that.

Eat Your (Free) Dessert!

This might be the sweetest way to take advantage of any rewards program. If you want to get the most out of your Premier Rewards Plus Membership, you’re going to have to eat your dessert… at least the free ones you get for signing up and celebrating your birthday. It’s harder than it sounds though, you’re going to have to choose between all of those tasty Pizookie flavors.

Use Rewards Before They Expire

You’ll have to keep an eye on your account for this one, as your points will automatically be translated into rewards when you cross the 100 point threshold, and after you’ve been issued a reward, you only have 90 days to use it before it expires.

What are the members saying?

The program is well received, with members noting they get a lot of great deals. They also enjoy the free Pizookies you get on sign-up and for your birthday.

Though some members have complained of difficulties using the app and website, the app maintains a 4.2-star rating with nearly 7000 reviews. If you do experience technical difficulties, you can have your server add points, claim rewards, or use offers on your transaction by providing the phone number attached to your account.


If you love handcrafted beer, quality pizza, burgers, and more, you should check out the BJ’s Brewhouse Premier Rewards Plus loyalty program so you can earn points while you enjoy all your favorites, and then use those points to enjoy them some more at no cost! Even if you aren’t a regular, the program is worth signing up for if you enjoy a good dessert, can you really say no to not one, but two free Pizookies?