Boston Market – Rotisserie Rewards

When you think of Boston Market, chances are you think of the classic family-friendly comfort food they’re serving up, but did you know they are also serving great deals through their loyalty program, Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards? You could be saving money, earning points towards free food, and getting access to exclusive details just for signing up! Let us tell you how.

How does the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program work?

Once you’ve become a member of the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program, you’ll earn points on every dollar which can be exchanged for rewards including free food and money off of a future purchase. You’ll also receive special offers through the Boston Market app and in your email inbox to help you save even more!

What are the benefits of joining the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards?

Sign up to join the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program and you’ll start earning points on every dollar you spend at Boston Market locations, as well as exclusive members-only offers, and opportunities to win additional rewards and prizes, like a literal ton of free sides, which the restaurant gave away to the first member to accumulate a total of 10,000 rewards points.

How do Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards points work?

As a member of the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program, you’ll earn points at a rate of one point per dollar spent, with some exclusions, like the purchase of alcohol. Members can accumulate points and redeem them for rewards at various costs, such as a free Individual Side, Dessert, or Fountain Beverage at 30 points, or a free Holiday Heat & Serve Meal for Up to 12 People at 1,200 points. The points cost for these items are accurate at the time of writing, but they can change at any time.

Does The Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards offer a sign-up bonus?

Currently, you’ll receive a free individual meal with any $10 purchase when you become a member of the Rotisserie Rewards program, but this offer is only valid for a limited time. There may be a different bonus offered when you create your account.

Are there any other benefits to joining Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards?

In addition to earning reward points, members of the program will also get access to exclusive promotions and discounts. Providing your birthday when you join the program will also earn you a special reward to celebrate your big day.

How do you join Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards?

There are three ways that you can join the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program, if you are reading this on your computer you can head to the website and follow the instructions, providing your first and last name, email address, phone number, birthday, and a password to create an account. On your phone? Grab the Boston Market app on Android or iOS and follow the same steps to join. Finally, if you prefer to sign up in person, speak to your server or a cashier, you’ll be asked to provide your mobile phone number at which you’ll receive a text message confirming your membership.

How do you check your points balance?

You can check your point balance and available reward options by signing into your Rotisserie Rewards loyalty account on the app(iOS/Android) or website.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

At the discretion of Boston Market, you can claim points using your receipt a total of 10 times over the lifetime of your account, and only within 14 days of the original purchase. If you need to make a points claim you can do so through the website using the receipt submission form.

How do you redeem points?

If you’ve saved up enough points for a reward and you’re ready to make a claim, you can do so through the app or website, or by providing your information to your server before you complete your order.  You may only claim one reward per purchase, or five rewards if you are placing a catering order.

Do points expire?

Points will only expire if you don’t make a qualifying Boston Market purchase for six months, at which point your account will be closed. Rewards will expire within 30 days of being claimed if they are not redeemed.

Getting the most out of Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards

Getting the most out of your Rotisserie Rewards membership is simple, just make sure you claim your sign-up and birthday bonus rewards, and don’t let your points or claimed rewards expire before you use them.

What are the members saying?

Members of the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards enjoy the rewards and find the program easy to use, however, there have been a few complaints about problems with the Android app. If you are an Android user and encounter any issues, you can still use the website on your computer or mobile device, or speak to a server to use your points and claim rewards.


If you enjoy the food from Boston Market, you’ll love the Rotisserie Rewards program. Even if you aren’t a frequent diner, you can still enjoy the sign-up offer, a birthday reward, and as long as you make a purchase once every six months you’ll keep your account active and keep earning points towards free food.