Cheesecake Factory FAQs

Is Cheesecake Factory open?

Cheesecake is now open for take out, delivery and dine-in. Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they have instituted a number of safety precautions in order to keep you and their staff safe.

Does Cheesecake Factory take reservations?

Some Cheesecake Factory restaurants take reservations.

Does Cheesecake Factory deliver?

Cheesecake Factory does in fact deliver.  You can also get their delicious tasting food delivered via DoorDash.

What time does Cheesecake Factory close?

Cheesecake Factory restaurants open at 11 AM, and close between the hours of 9 and 11 PM. Happy hour is usually between 4-6 PM Monday through Friday. In order to double check Cheesecake Factory’s exact hours, please check the restaurant locator.  Enter your zip code, click on the restaurant you want, and click on the button that says view details. You should be able to see the hours of operation and happy hour times.

Is Cheesecake Factory open on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

Many Cheesecake Factory locations are open for Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas. However, this could always change, so please contact your local Cheesecake Factory restaurant to make sure their hours on these holidays.

Where is the Cheesecake Factory?

Please us this restaurant locater in order to find the nearest Cheesecake Factory.

How much is Cheesecake Factory?

Cheesecake Factory is in the average range of prices. Many entrees there are between $15 and $20. However, there are entrees that cost in the upper 20’s or lower $30 range.

Where can I buy Cheesecake Factory cheesecake?

You can buy Cheesecake Factory’s cheesecake at the restaurant, through Harry and David, and through select grocers like Target