Chipotle – Chipotle Rewards

Chipotle is one of the most popular quick-service restaurant chains in the United States, and every other country it’s launched one of its restaurants in.  Lucky for us, they also have a loyalty program.

The Chipotle Rewards program offers members points for each dollar spent on applicable menu items which can be redeemed for a selection of popular entrees. The program also give members exclusive access to bonus earning opportunities and a free reward of chips and guacamole on their birthday.

How does the Chipotle Rewards program work?

Chipotle Rewards is an app(iOS/Android) and web-based rewards program that gives members points for every dollar spent on food and drinks, excluding alcohol. Members can sign up online or through the app at no cost and start earning points towards their first rewards right away.

What are the benefits of joining Chipotle Rewards?

Members of the Chipotle Rewards program will earn points on all eligible purchases which can be exchanged for free entrees at a certain threshold. They also get exclusive opportunities to earn bonus rewards for trying new menu items or ordering on special extra points days.

How do Chipotle Rewards points work?

Members of Chipotle Rewards will earn 10 points per dollar on the purchase of all food and beverage items excluding alcohol. Once 1250 points have been accumulated, members can exchange their points for any single regularly priced entrée at no cost.

Does the Chipotle Rewards program offer a sign-up bonus?

The Chipotle Rewards program has previously given new members a free order of chips and guacamole on sign-up, but the offer isn’t always available. If you want to make sure you are getting all you can out of the program, take a look at the app or website before you sign up to see if any offers are available.

Are there any other benefits to joining Chipotle Rewards?

Members of the Chipotle Rewards program will receive additional points and reward opportunities on certain occasions, as well as a complimentary order of chips and guacamole on their birthday if they share it at sign up.

How do you join?

If you’d like to become a Chipotle Rewards Member, signing up is easy. Head to the website or download the app and enter your name, email, phone number, and password to create an account. Members can also share their birthday to receive a free order of chips and guacamole to celebrate. New members are also given the chance to opt into receiving additional offers and discounts via text.

How do you check your points balance?

If you’ve lost track of how many points you have, don’t sweat it! Just sign in to your account on the app or website, your points balance will be available on your profile.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

At this time, points can only be added from purchases made in-store. If you visit Chipotle and forget to scan your app before you pay, make sure you hold onto your receipt. You can file a points request online or through the app on any purchase made within the last 30 days, provided you have an account that pre-dates the purchase.

How do you redeem points?

When you’ve saved up enough points to claim a reward, just sign into your account on the app or website and select your reward to claim it.

Do points expire?

Chipotle Rewards points do not expire, but you only have 60 days to use your rewards once you’ve claimed them. For this reason, it’s best to wait to select your reward until right before you place an order.

Getting the most out of Chipotle Rewards

If you want to get the most out of your Chipotle Rewards membership, there are a few things you can do to increase your earning potential and claim extra rewards.

Take Advantage of Bonus Points Days and Offers

Chipotle offers members of its rewards program two ways to earn additional points. The restaurant will hold Bonus Point days, where members can earn 1.5 times the points on all applicable purchases, as well as extending bonus point offers that will earn an additional 100 points per purchase of a specific menu item. Members may also occasionally receive 100 bonus points for trying menu items outside of their regular orders.

Claim Your Birthday Bonus

The birthday bonus offer is only available to members who provide their birthday on sign up, or add it to their profile at least one week before their birthday. Chipotle Rewards members who visit the restaurant within 30 days of receiving their bonus offer will receive a free order of chips and guacamole when they make an in-store purchase of $5 or more.

What are the members saying?

Most Chipotle Rewards members will agree that any free Chipotle is good Chipotle, and the app is well reviewed, maintaining a rating of 4.1 stars with more than 69 thousand reviews. Customers have noted that orders placed through the app may take a bit of time to prepare, so you might want to order in-person if you’re in a rush.


Whether you are a regular or you just enjoy the occasional taco or mission burrito, the Chipotle Rewards program is a great way to score some free food and great deals. If you want to make the most of your membership, be sure to sign up when there is a welcome offer available, and share your birthday for an extra treat!