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You might know Cicis Pizza for the ever-changing flavors of their unlimited Pizza Buffets. It’s hard to believe that you can get a better deal than an unlimited pizza buffet, but members of the My Cicis Rewards Program can earn FREE unlimited pizza buffet or a one-topping pizza for carry-out. They also get special members-only offers, free buffet on their birthdays, discounts, free drinks, and more!  Continue reading to find out all the details!

How does the My Cicis Rewards Program work?

Every time you place an order of $7 or more, you can scan your receipt to earn credit for that visit.   Scan five (5) qualifying receipts and you’ve earned free pizza!  The reward comes as a “Loyalty Slice” – which is basically a reward which can be exchanged for your choice of a free Adult Buffet or a free carryout 1-Topping Pizza!

How do you earn points?

You earn a reward portion on every visit with a purchase of $7 or made through your account. After five qualifying visits you will automatically receive a reward for your choice of a free Adult Buffet or carryout 1-Topping Pizza.

You can only earn one reward point per visit, even if you spend more than $7 on your purchase. You’ll need to make purchases with a gap of 4 hours or more between them in order to receive a second reward point.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

You can scan a receipt from a qualifying My Cicis purchase within 72 hours, claiming rewards from up to four receipts in a one-month period.

How do you redeem points?

When you’ve made enough purchases to earn a loyalty slice, one will automatically be sent to your account. One Loyalty Slice can be used per transaction through the app or website using the redemption feature. Once a reward has been claimed through your account, you have 24 hours to use the rewards in a transaction.

Does The My Cicis Rewards program offer a birthday bonus?

Yes! If saving money, eating free buffet and pizza, and other rewards aren’t quite enough to win you over – you can also get a free Buffet to celebrate your birthday at Cicis!

Does The My Cicis Rewards program offer a sign-up bonus?

We couldn’t find anything about a sign-up bonus for the My Cicis Rewards at the time of writing this article, but this could change at any time.

What are the other benefits of joining the My Cicis Rewards Program?

In addition to all the free food rewards you get when you become a My Cicis Rewards member, you’ll also unlock a host of conveniences such as the ability to order ahead or schedule a pick-up and skip the wait for your food, early access to new items on the unlimited buffet, rewards when you invite friends to the program and other special offers.

Members of the My Cicis Rewards program also get exclusive discounts, Buy One Get One offers, extra Loyalty Slices, as well as bonus Free Drinks and a reward for a Free Adult Buffet on your birthday.

How do you join My Cicis Rewards?

You can sign up for the My Cicis Rewards Program using the app or website. You’ll need to provide information including your first and last name, your preferred Cicis location, and your email address, optionally you will be able to indicate if you have children, and what your favorite buffet menu items are.  This information is likely used to customize the types of offers you receive.

How do you check your points balance?

Checking your Loyalty Slice progress is as simple as logging in to your account on the app (iOS/Android) or website and navigating to your rewards profile.

Do points expire?

The My Cicis Rewards Program makes no mention of points expiring after a period of non-redemption or account inactivity, but this could change at any time. Contact a customer service representative to get the most up to date information.

Getting the most out of My Cicis Rewards

To get the most out of My Cicis Rewards program, you need to be sure you are claiming the loyalty slices and other bonuses that you earn. Don’t forget to make a visit near your birthday to enjoy a free lunch!

What are the members saying?

The My Cicis rewards app (iOS/Android) is well-rated with a 4.1-star rating after 373 reviews. Both the app and the loyalty program are straightforward and easy to use, allowing members to earn points on each qualifying visit for free food. Members of the program enjoy the available Reward options but are hoping for more variety in the future.


If you join the My Cicis Rewards program, you could be just five visits away from a free unlimited pizza buffet or a free one-topping pizza for carry-out. Rewards are easily attainable if you visit the chain with any regularity, so if you like buffet or pizza this program is a can’t miss.