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When someone asks you where you want to go to lunch, what do you say?  Do I hear Panera Bread?  Well, save yourself a trip to Panera Bread, and instead have it delivered straight to you with FREE delivery on an online order with Panera Bread!  Through May 31st, Panera Bread is offering free delivery to all MyPanera members who spend at least $10 per transaction.  In case you do not know, MyPanera (which will be discussed below) is Panera Bread’s rewards program.

Get one of their delicious flatbreads or sandwiches delivered FREE!

Panera Bread flatbread cheese pizza

Don’t forget about MyPanera

MyPanera is Panera Bread’s rewards program.  With MyPanera, you’ll get member-only exclusive offers just like this one.  Other offers Panera Bread might surprise you with are coupons and/or promo codes for discounted food.  And with the Panera Bread app, you’ll be able to skip the line, and check out with just a few clicks.

And Get Free Coffee with MyPanera+ Coffee

Did you know that you could get FREE Coffee with MyPanera+ Coffee?  Yup, that’s right.  Through May 31st, sign up with MyPanera+ Coffee, and get three (3) free months of coffee subscription.  Must be a MyPanera member and at least 18 years of age or older to sign up with MyPanera+ Coffee.  With the subscription, you are entitled to hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee once every two hours plus unlimited refills.

If you are a coffee person just like me, make sure to sign up for MyPanera+ Coffee to get three (3) free months of coffee!

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