Is IHOP open?

Although IHOP has had to shutter some of its locations due to financial struggles, they have many restaurants that are still open.

Does IHOP deliver?

Yes IHOP does indeed deliver. Their delivery partners are DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub and ez cater.

Is IHOP open on Christmas and/or Thanksgiving?

Many IHOP restaurants are open on Christmas. However, some of them will have reduced hours. Contact your local IHOP, and check their hours for Christmas. As for Thanksgiving, it is also recommended that you contact your local IHOP to double check their hours.

What time does IHOP open and close?

Many IHOP restaurants are 24 hours, but some others open between 6 and 8 AM, and close between the hours or 8 PM and 12 AM. In order to make sure of the exact hours of the IHOP you wish to visit, please use the restaurant locator.

Where is the nearest IHOP?

Please use this restaurant locator in order to find the nearest IHOP.

Does IHOP have WiFi?

IHOP has free Wifi.

Does IHOP serve breakfast all day?

IHOP serves their breakfast menu all day.