Jersey Mike’s – Shore Point Rewards

If you like fresh high-quality subs and supporting your community, you’ll love Jersey Mike’s.  They pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients in their subs, made in-house, and they partner with a local charity for every location they open. Do you also like free food? Jersey Mike’s has you covered with their loyalty program, Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards.

How does the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program work?

Members of the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program will earn points on eligible food purchases made using the Jersey Mike’s app or with their Shore Points reward card. Points can be saved up and redeemed for a free mini, regular, or giant-sized sub, a regular wrap, or a regular sub-in-a-tub, which is a keto-friendly option with the ingredients of your choice served in a to-go container instead of on bread.

What are the benefits of joining Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards?

When you join the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program, you will earn points on the purchase of every kids meal, mini-sub, breakfast sandwich, regular sub, giant sub, wrap, or sub-in-a-tub. Members will also receive exclusive offers, promotions, and bonus point earning opportunities.

How do Jersey Mike’s Shore Points work?

Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards Members will earn points on all applicable purchases made with their Shore Points Membership ID card or through their account using the app. Points earned will vary depending on the items purchased, the values are as follows:

● 3 points on every Kids Meal
● 4 points on every Breakfast Sandwich and Mini Sub.
● 6 points on every Regular Sub, Wrap, and Sub-in-a-tub.
● 12 points on every Giant Sub.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points for the reward of your choosing, you can trade them in to claim your reward at no cost.

Does the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program offer a sign-up bonus?

At this time, there is no sign-up bonus offered to new members of the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program.

Are there any other benefits to joining Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards?

If you join the email club when you sign up, you’ll receive a free birthday sub. What’s really special about this offer is that your birthday sub coupon will be available for the full year after your birthday, so you don’t have to worry about rushing in to claim it while you are busy celebrating!

How do you join?

New members can sign up through the Jersey Mike’s app or website, you’ll need to provide your first and last name, phone number, and email address.

How do you check your shore points balance?

If you want to find out what rewards you’re eligible for or just take a look at your balance, you can check your points by logging in to your account on the app or website.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

If you miss out on claiming your points at checkout make sure you keep your receipt, you’ll need it to add the points to your balance. Log into your account on the app or website and use the information from your receipt to file a points request.

How do you redeem points?

You can redeem your points for the reward of your choosing through the app or online. If you prefer to order in the restaurant, just let your server know which reward you’d like to claim and provide your phone number, or scan your app at checkout.

The points value for rewards varies by item. Reward costs are as follows:

● 48 points for a free Mini Sub
● 72 points for a free Regular Sub, Sub-in-a-Tub, or Wrap
● 144 points for a free Giant Sub

Do Shore Points expire?

Jersey Mike’s Shore Points do not expire and can be used at any Jersey Mike’s location in the country they were earned.

Getting the most out of Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards

With points that never expire and a birthday offer that will last until your next birthday, you really can’t miss out with Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program. Keep an eye out for exclusive member’s offers and discounts, and you’ll be sure you’re getting as much as you can out of the Jersey Mike’s loyalty program.

What are the members saying?

The Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program is one of the best-reviewed by its members, with near-perfect ratings on the App Store and Google Play despite more than 200,000 ratings. Members say the program is easy to use and offers one of the most generous and long-lasting birthday rewards of any loyalty program.


There are so many reasons to love the Jersey Mike’s Shore Points Rewards program, they serve top-quality food, give back to your community, and your points will never expire. If you are in the mood for a sub or just looking to save some money with a solid loyalty program, look no further than Jersey Mike’s!