McCafe Rewards – McDonald’s Rewards Program

If you’ve been in a McDonald’s over the past few years, you’ve probably already seen their wildly popular and ever-expanding McCafé line of products. What you might not know is that McDonald’s offers a loyalty program of the same name.

The McCafé Rewards program is an expansion on the beverage rewards cards that the restaurant hands out on the cup of every hot drink. With the coffee card system, customers earn a stamp from every coffee purchased. Once you’ve purchased five coffees (or seven if you’re in Canada), you can turn in the card on your next visit for a free medium McCafe drink. McCafé Rewards operates in much the same way, but with a digital twist, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of a tiny piece of paper.

How does the McCafé Rewards program work?

The McCafé Rewards program is an app-based loyalty program accessible only through the McDonald’s App. Members can order and pay ahead through the app or scan their digital McCafé rewards card at the the counter, drive-thru, or self-serve kiosk to earn rewards on applicable purchases of McCafé items.  Rewards are redeemable through the app for a free medium McCafé beverage.

What are the benefits of joining McCafé Rewards?

The benefits of the McCafé Rewards program really aren’t that different from the pre-existing stamp card system. Members will earn McCafé Rewards on applicable purchases redeemable for a free medium McCafé beverage of their choice, as they would with the stamp card, and the reward points have the same value. The biggest difference is not having to keep track of the physical card, and the ability to redeem your free beverage at the self-serve kiosk or with Mobile Order and Pay.

How do McCafé Rewards work?

Members of receive the McCafé Rewards program will earn one progress point for every eligible McCafé item purchased. When a member has accumulated five points, they can redeem them for a free medium McCafé beverage on their next visit.

Unfortunately, there are a few restrictions. McCafé items purchased as part of a deal are not eligible for points, and members cannot earn or redeem McCafé Rewards on delivery orders.

Does the McCafé Rewards program offer a sign-up bonus?

At this time McCafé Rewards does not offer a sign-up bonus or any additional benefits beyond the ability to earn rewards redeemable for a medium McCafé beverage.

How do you join?

Joining the McCafé Rewards program couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is download the McDonalds app on your device and create an account when you launch it. Congrats, You’re now a McCafé Rewards member! You’ll find your digital rewards card on the home screen, or under the deals section of the app.

How do you check your rewards balance?

If you need to check your progress towards your next McCafé Reward, just take a peek at your card in the app. Your rewards balance is shown right on the card.

Can you add rewards later if you forget at the checkout?

Unfortunately, McCafé Rewards doesn’t currently allow users to add rewards points to their account if they didn’t pay with the app or scan their digital rewards card at checkout. However, since the program offers the same rewards as the original coffee card program, if you left your phone at home and order a hot drink, you can still get the stamp on the card so you aren’t missing out on rewards.

How do you redeem McCafé Rewards?

Find and select your freebie offer in app on the home page or under the deals section where you regularly access your McCafé Rewards Card. Choose in restaurant redemption to generate a QR code for your coupon that can be used at the counter, drive-thru, or self-serve kiosk, or select Mobile Order & Pay to automatically apply your coupon when you pay through the app. All that’s left to do is collect the free medium McCafé beverage of your choosing and enjoy!

Do McCafé Rewards expire?

Yes, and this is a recent change, so if you’re already a McCafé member, take note. McCafé rewards earned prior to December 27, 2020 will expire on February 25, 2021. Going forward, any McCafé Rewards earned on or after December 28 2020 will expire after 60 days.

Getting the most out of McCafé Rewards

The McCafé Rewards program is fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to maximize your return. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your membership.

Use Your Coupons

This might seem obvious, but with the new 60 day expiry period on McCafé Rewards, it’s easy to miss out. You will not be notified if you have a freebie offer about to expire, so it might be worth it to set a reminder if you aren’t someone who frequents the restaurant.

Get a Stamp Card

Since McDonalds doesn’t have a way for users to add missed McCafé Rewards to their accounts yet, it’s a good idea to keep one of the physical stamp cards in our wallet in case you forget your phone. Even better, stamp cards don’t expire, so if you forget it in your wallet, no problem! There will still be a free drink waiting for you when you find it.

What are the members saying?

Members find the McCafé Rewards program easy to use and appreciate the option of a digital rewards program over the pre-existing stamp card system. The app itself is well reviewed, with users reporting it to be well maintained and easy to navigate.


While the McCafé Rewards program may not be revolutionary, its a great way to earn, track, and redeem rewards for free beverages you might otherwise miss out on. It’s easy to join and easy to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!