McDonald’s – Only For You Deals 🔥

This deal has ended.

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Did you know that from time to time in the McDonald’s app, they have customized deals that will only work for you?  Well, when I opened the McDonald’s app this morning, two deals popped up for me:

Deal #1)  Buy a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and get two (2) any size fries for FREE.

Deal #2)  Buy one Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with cheese, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or Filet-O-Fish and get one for FREE.

While “Only For You” deals are generally customized for just you, we’ve noticed that they tend to be the same offers for many users – so don’t be surprised if you open your McDonald’s app today and see the same “Only For You” offers.

So, make sure to download the McDonald’s app, and take advantage of these great only for you deals!

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