National Food Days

Love chocolate? ¬†There’s a day for that (October 28th!) ¬† Are nachos your thing? ¬†November 6th! ¬†National Food Days spotlight and celebrate our nation’s collective favorite foods. ¬†And many restaurants love to give away free food when their menu matches up with the food being celebrated that day. ¬† Check out our list below of National Food Days!

January 2021

19th – National Popcorn Day
23rd – National Pie Day
31st – Hot Chocolate Day

February 2021

4th – National Homemade Soup Day
9th – National Pizza Day

March 2021

1st – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
4th – National Poundcake Day
6th – National Oreo Cookie Day
7th – National Cereal Day
9th – National Meatball Day
14th – National Pi(e) Day
20th – National Ravioli Day
23rd – National Chip & Dip Day
24th – National Cheesesteak Day

April 2021

1st – National Burrito Day|
22nd – National Jelly Bean Day
27th – National Prime Rib Day

June 2021

4th – National Donut Day
4th – National Cheese Day
12th – National Jerky Day
15th – National Lobster Day
18th – International Sushi Day

July 2021

21st – National Junk Food Day
22nd – National Hot Dog Day
29th – National Chicken Wing Day
29th – National Lasagna Day
31st – National Avocado Day

August 2021

4th – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
10th – National S’mores Day
13th – National Filet Mignon Day
18th – National Ice Cream Day
30th – National Toasted Marshmallow Day

September 2021

5th – National Cheese Pizza Day
26th – National Pancake Day

October 2021 

1st – International Coffee Day
21st – National Apple Day
28th – National Chocolate Day

November 2021

3rd – National Sandwich Day
6th – National Nacho Day
16th – National Fast Food Day
26th – National Cake Day

December 2021

4th – National Cookie Day