New Chili’s Chicken Sandwich Available In 3 For $10 Deal

This deal has ended.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Chicken Sandwich Wars that have been dominating fast-food and fast-casual restaurants over recent years, you’ll be happy to know that Chili’s has entered the fight.

The Chili’s Chicken Sandwich is made with a hand-breaded chicken patty topped with lettuce, tomato, and drizzled with Chili’s new Secret Sauce. The sandwich is served up on a buttered brioche bun.

What really makes this sandwich tasty is its inclusion on the 3 for $10 menu, which means you can try the sandwich, alongside a non-alcoholic beverage and appetizer for $10.

The sandwich will only be available through June 30, so those invested in the Chicken Sandwich Wars should act fast to add it to their personal rankings.

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