Domino’s – Piece of the Pie Rewards

What’s better than pizza? Free pizza. And that’s just what you’ll get when you join the Dominos Rewards program. Dominos Rewards members earn points on every order placed using their loyalty account with a value of $10 or more.

How does the Dominos Rewards program work?

The Dominos Rewards program is a loyalty program that rewards users with points for every order placed through the website, over the phone, and in-person with a value of $10 or more, excluding tips and gift card purchases.  Points can be traded in for a free small or medium two-topping pizza of your choosing, with gluten-free options available for the smaller size.

What are the benefits of joining the Dominos Rewards Program?

Dominos Rewards is a pretty straightforward program, you buy pizza, you get points. Earn enough points and you’ll get your choice of a free small or medium two-topping pizza.

How do Dominos Rewards points work?

Dominos Rewards members earn 10 points per online order with a value of $10 or more. After accumulating 60 points by placing six qualifying orders or taking advantage of bonus point offers, users will be able to redeem their points online for a free custom small or medium two-topping pizza.

Members can earn points through both pick-up and delivery orders made through the website, over the phone, or in-person if they provide the phone number associated with their Dominos Rewards account. Orders that reach $10 with the addition of delivery fees and taxes still earn points.

Unlike many other restaurant loyalty programs, Dominos Rewards allows users to redeem up to five free Reward Pizzas per order.

Does Dominos Rewards offer a sign-up bonus?

At this time there is no bonus offered for joining Dominos Rewards.

Are there any other benefits to joining the Dominos Rewards program?

Occasionally Dominos will run bonus point events and offers, allowing you to earn points, and free pizza, much faster.

Members may also receive exclusive special offers and the chance to redeem points for limited-time rewards deals.

How do you join Dominos Rewards?

Signing up is easy! Just go to the website and create a ‘Pizza Profile’ when you’re ready to make your next order. You can earn points on both delivery and takeout orders, provided you use your account or provide the associated phone number when you place your order.

How do you check your points balance?

Want to know how far you are from free pizza? Sign in to your Pizza Profile to check out your Pizza Rewards Pizza Meter, which tracks your points and current Rewards status.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

If you place an order without signing into your account or providing your phone number, you have 30 days to claim your points on the website using your order confirmation, receipt, or the label from your pizza box. Missing points can only be claimed from one order per month.

How do you redeem Dominos Rewards points?

Once Dominos Rewards Members have earned 60 points, they can redeem them through their Pizza Profile. Sign in to your account on the Dominos website and you’ll find a rewards redemption link on your profile under the Pizza Rewards Meter. After clicking the link, you’ll be able to begin constructing a free two-topping pizza of your choice. At this time, gluten-free pizzas are only available as a small when claiming rewards.

Do Dominos Rewards points expire?

Dominos Rewards points will only expire after 180 days of account inactivity, so as long as your ordering Dominos at least once every six months, you can save up your points for larger orders without worry.

Getting the most out of Dominos Rewards

Getting the most out of your Dominos Rewards membership is easy, here are the two best ways to make sure you aren’t missing out on free pizza:

Keep orders around $10

Since Dominos doesn’t offer points per dollar spent, you really aren’t incentivized to spend more than the $10 minimum to earn points on every order. Keeping your orders small and low cost will help you get the most points for your money.

Take advantage of Bonus point events and offers

For the most part, Dominos Rewards Members are limited to earning 10 points per online order of $10 or more. This makes the special offers and bonus point events all the more appealing, allowing users a chance to earn points much faster. More points directly translates into more free pizza, so what’s not to love?

What are the members saying?

Members of the Dominos Rewards program find it very straightforward and easy to use. Members enjoy the flexibility of deciding if they’d like to pick up their pizza or have it delivered, and they only need to make six orders of $10 or more to enjoy their first free pizza. Aside from the program’s ease of use, Dominos Rewards Members also love that they can save up points to redeem as many as five pizzas per order.


Dominos Rewards is a flexible and user-friendly loyalty program that allows its Members a lot of options when it comes to earning and redeeming their points. If you order pizza even twice a year, you could be earning Dominos Rewards without worrying about your points expiring. You’re only six orders away from your first free pizza!