Popeyes – Free Large Side (Family Meal Purchase)

This deal has ended.

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How do the mashed potatoes look to you in the picture?  To me, they look amazing and delicious like I just want to sink my teeth into them.  If you agree, that’s awesome.  For a limited time only, Popeyes is giving away a free large side with the purchase of a family meal.  You may redeem this offer in-restaurant, or add it to your mobile order.

On another trip into Popeyes, you could opt for another one of their offers, and enjoy popcorn shrimp for just $2.99.  Have you ever had popcorn shrimp?  I have once, and I must tell you that it’s like a bomb of flavor just exploded onto your taste buds.  It’s awesome.  You may also redeem this offer in-restaurant or add it to your mobile order as well.

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