Red Robin FAQs

Is Red Robin open?

A large majority of Red Robin restaurants are open. However, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, some are not open for dine-in, but instead only take out.

What time does Red Robin close?

Red Robin restaurants usually open at 11 AM and close either at 9 or 10 PM.

Does Red Robin deliver?

Great news! Red Robin does in fact deliver.  Your order will be delivered by DoorDash. You can also order delivery through other third party delivery services like Grubhub and Postmates.

Does Red Robin take reservations?

A few Red Robin restaurants take reservations. For many others, you can always join their wait list. By joining their wait list, you will get seated quicker.

Are Red Robin fries gluten free?

Most, if not all Red Robin restaurants, have dedicated fryers for gluten free fries and a few other of their gluten free sides.

Where is the closest Red Robin?

Please use this restaurant locator in order to find the nearest Red Robin.

Are Red Robin fries vegan?

The sweet potato fries at Red Robin are vegan. However, there is still a chance that cross contamination with other foods can occur.

Does Red Robin have gluten free buns?

Red Robin has gluten free buns, so if you are sensitive to gluten, please ask your server about their gluten free buns when ordering a burger.

Is Red Robin open on Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Many Red Robin restaurants are closed for Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, some are still open on these two holidays. Please contact your local Red Robin to see if they open or closed these days.