Steak ‘n Shake – Steak-n-Shake Rewards

Steak N Shake takes its name from the Steakburger and Milkshakes, two items that have made the restaurant what it is today. The restaurant owes its name, menu, and ideals to its founder, Gus Belt, who believed in providing his customers the highest quality food and service. In that tradition, the Steak N Shake Rewards Club loyalty program offers freebies, discounts, and exclusive deals to members, giving fans of the restaurant another reason to love it.
You could be enjoying a free shake right now! Keep reading to find out how!

How does the Steak N Shake Rewards Club program work?

The Steak N Shake Rewards Club loyalty program gives discounts, freebies, and exclusive members-only discounts to club members. After you sign up, you can use the Steak N Shake app (iOS/Android) or website every time you order to earn points on every dollar you spend at the restaurant. Points can be redeemed for rewards that give you money off your future purchases. You’ll also get access to exclusive offers, bonus points, and freebies just for signing up.

How do Steak N Shake Rewards Club points work?

Rewards Club members earn 1 point for every $1 they spend at Steak N Shake using the phone number tied to their account or order through the restaurant’s app (iOS/Android) or website. Once a member has earned 50 points, they will cross the points threshold and their points will automatically be exchanged for a $5 reward to be used on future purchases.

Does Steak N Shake Rewards Club offer a sign-up bonus?

When you sign up to become a member of the Steak N Shake Rewards program, you’ll receive a reward for a free shake. Get your pick of classic flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, or Banana, or try something from the specialty shake menu, which is a candy lovers paradise.

Does Steak N Shake Rewards Club offer a birthday reward?

At this time, the Steak N Shake Rewards Club doesn’t offer any special rewards for your birthday, but this could change at any time! Keep an eye out for updates, we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Are there any other benefits?

In addition to earning points which can be exchanged for money off future orders, and a milkshake to welcome you into the club, Steak N Shake Rewards members will also be able to skip the line with ordering ahead and pre-pay features. They’ll also receive exclusive offers on occasion in the News section of their account.

How do you join?

If you’d like to become a member of the Steak N Shake Rewards Club, you’re in luck! It’s a very simple process.  Download the Steak N Shake app or head to the website and fill out the form. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, email, and a password, with options to provide your favorite location, phone number, and birthday. Once you’ve got your account set up, make your first purchase to unlock your free milkshake reward.

How do you check your points balance?

If you’re curious how far you are from your next reward, you can check your progress and points balance at any time by logging into your account and navigating to the rewards section. There you will find the Steakburger® points meter which will show you how close you are to reaching the 50 point reward threshold.

Can you add points later if you forget at the checkout?

We can hardly blame you if you’re distracted by the smell of Steakburgers when you check out and forget to claim your points. Steak N Shake understands too, so you can claim points from any order using the 12 digit barcode on the bottom of your receipt. Conditions may apply.

How do you redeem points?

Ready to use one of your hard-earned rewards? Using the app or website, log into your account and head to the rewards section of your profile to select your reward. Once you’ve made a claim, you’ll receive a code to provide to your cashier when you check out.

Do points expire?

There is no information available on if points earned in the Steak N Shake Rewards club expire, but the rewards do. Be sure to check the expiration date on any rewards or bonus offers you receive to give yourself plenty of time to redeem them.

Getting the most out of Steak N Shake Rewards Club

Getting the most out of the Steak N Shake Rewards Club is easy. Claim your free milkshake when you sign up, redeem your rewards as you get them, and keep an eye out for bonus offers in the news section of your account.  With those three simple steps, you can rest assured you are making the most of your Steak N Shake Rewards Club membership.

What are the members saying?

The Steak N Shake Rewards club isn’t one of the more well-known loyalty programs available, but those who know it love it. The app has a 4.5-star rating after more than 22 thousand reviews, and members praise its accessibility, saying the program is functional and easy to use. The option to claim points from receipts and manage rewards in-app are both popular features that members say make the program much easier to use.


Joining the Steak N Shake Rewards Club is a sweet deal, literally. You could be just minutes away from enjoying a free milkshake, just for signing up. Even if you’re not interested in saving money, exclusive offers, and the convenience of ordering ahead, can you really say no to a free milkshake?