Taco John’s – Free Meat and Potato Burrito (App Download) 🔥

Do you love Tex-Mex food?  Then, the only place you really need to know about is Taco John’s.  Taco John’s, if you do not know, is a Mexican-inspired fast food restaurant mostly located in the midwest and central plain states.  If you would like to try out their food, then download the Taco John’s app, and enjoy a free beef meat and potato burrito.

In addition, if you use the app for mobile ordering, or scan your receipt, you can earn a check-in punch.  If you collect eight punches, you can get a free combo meal.  With each visit you make to collect a punch, you will have to spend a minimum of $5.  The Taco John’s app is also the best way to get additional coupons and special offers.

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